Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Note to My Readers: Making Comments

Several readers have mentioned recently that they've wished to post something on the blog, but have been unable to get the comments box at the bottom of the page to publish what they've written in it. 

I find that in order for readers to post, they must be signed in to Starr Review. There's a sign-in spot in the upper right corner of each review. Feel free to enlist as a "follower!"

But many of us have become wary of computer-age opportunities to commit our names and to dream up yet another password for minor benefits. Thinking of this, I have established a Facebook page that is also called Starr Review and is available to anyone who cares to post comments about matters in the blog or related to it.

I'm sure the irony will be noted that in order to take advantage of this simple solution, one needs already to have yielded up one's identifiers to Facebook. But if you've gone that far, the Starr Review page will ask you for no more! I often use the Facebook page to post extra notes or images related to my reviews. 

So: If you have discussion or comments you wish to post—or if you wonder if there's been any other discussion—please make use of the Facebook page or sign up as a follower of Starr Review. 

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