Tuesday, December 30, 2014

True Confessions: Art (Reviews) and Money

Mary Temple, 2010, Columbus College of Art and Design 

My New Year's resolution is to make Starr Review available for some support: Notice, if you will, that we now sport a little PayPal "DONATE" button in the sidebar to the right.

I've written this blog for love these several years. I continue to do so. Writing sends me out the door to see new shows; writing makes me see them more clearly and retain them in my thought and actions. I'm always glad to hear that the blog stimulates and informs readers too.

I've never wanted to offer sponsorships or advertisements on Starr Review. I don't want conflicts of interest, and my readers don't need the distraction of facing with every post that difficult relationship between art and commerce.

Lan Su Chinese Gardens, Portland

Still, despite my best intentions and my pleasure in what I do, my arts writing is chronically underfunded—rather badly. 

I won' discontinue the blog because of that, but I need to do a little more than try to convince myself that it doesn't matter.

But if you take a notion to chip in a little toward the maintenance of the Review, your contribution will help me. It might buy a tank of gas to get me back to the Toledo Art Museum. 

Starr Review is not a non-profit institution for tax purposes (however nonprofit it is for me personally) so I fear that you can't get a tax deduction for anything you donate. But my thanks to you are many, and they accumulate.

Ann Starr
Happy New Year
Sarah Fairchild, 2014, Hammond Harkins Gallery


  1. Good letter, I hope to contribute one day.

    1. Thank you Dorothy! Coming from a wonderful artist, I appreciate the moral support!